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Next- gen optical disk can store over 14,000 4k movies

Updated: Feb 28

The next-generation optical disc technology has made significant strides, promising impressive storage capacities and potential applications. Let’s explore a couple of recent developments:

3D Nanoscale Optical Disc:

Scientists at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology have created a remarkable optical disc that’s the same size and shape as a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Despite its familiar appearance, this disc can hold an astonishing 1.6 petabits of data1.

To put that in perspective, it’s approximately equivalent to 200,000 gigabytes (GB) or the space needed for around 14,285 two-hour-long 4K movies (assuming each movie is 14 GB in size).

The secret lies in its 3D storage system, which utilizes 100 layers instead of a single layer for data storage.

The individual data “spots” on this disc are much smaller than those on conventional Blu-rays or DVDs, measuring only about 54 nanometers wide (roughly a tenth of the size of visible light wavelengths used for reading and writing data).

This breakthrough is made possible by dual data-writing lasers and a newly developed light-sensitive material called AIE-DDPR.

Remarkably, a blank disc can be manufactured using conventional DVD mass production techniques within just six minutes.

While physical disc-based movies are declining in popularity, this technology could find its true potential in data centers. Imagine an exabit of information stored within a single room—a feat that currently requires a space the size of a stadium

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